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Drew Starkey for GQ Magazine

And so it begins! Drew is featured in this month’s issue of GQ Magazine! The feature introduces Drew to a much wider audience as promotion for Queer somewhat begins. It gives a background on Drew and his earlier projects, and how he landed his first major film role. Check out the outtakes in our gallery, and an excerpt of the article below. I have also added full scans of his one-page features in the USA and France issues of the magazine. If you’re not able to read the full article on GQ’s website due to paywall, you can read it in full in our press archive!

The actor Drew Starkey only recently turned 30, but there’s a part of him that already feels like a geezer. Like, he can already see himself making excuses instead of going out. “Sorry, I can’t stay out too late. I’m in my thirties,” he jokes. “It’s a strange duality though, because I feel old but I also still think I’m like 17.”

On a winter Saturday afternoon, Starkey and I are leaning into noncommittal adulthood: afternoon beers at an old-school Irish firefighter pub across from the 9/11 Memorial in Lower Manhattan. The place is packed—we divide and conquer to find a pair of seats. After we each take a lap, it’s clear we’ll need to finagle: Starkey grabs me a spare barstool and we belly up to the wooden bar’s brass railing, squeezed in between fellow patrons. The room is humid and smells like onion rings. Shedding a black J.W. Anderson hoodie printed with stills from the 1976 horror film CARRIE, Starkey looks nondescript in baggy blue carpenter jeans and a white T-shirt. His blond hair is freshly buzzed. As we settle in, a nearby man in a baseball cap, who looks to be in his 50s or 60s, throws an enthusiastic nod in our direction. “Drew!” he shouts from across the bar, raising his pint like he’s just seen an old pal. Instinctually, Drew waves back.

I wonder: Do we know this gentleman in the baseball cap? Starkey chuckles. “Not at all.”

It’s unclear if the man knew exactly who Drew Starkey was, either. He’s already one of the established stars of OUTER BANKS, the wildly popular Netflix teen-drama series that premiered during the height of the pandemic lockdown, and soon he’ll play the object of Daniel Craig’s obsession in the upcoming Luca Guadagnino film QUEER, an adaptation of William S. Burroughs’s post-World War II novella about the entanglement of two American G.I. expats in 1940s Mexico City. Who knows how much longer he’ll be able to wander into crowded firefighters bars like this.

“I feel like I don’t have interactions like that. That was a weird one,” he says, sipping a Guinness. (He might be playing coy—we are subjected to well-meaning interruptions by no fewer than five more strangers over the next hour.)

For those whose algorithms have not yet lured them to OUTER BANKS, the show follows a ragtag group of teens who live on the barrier islands off the North Carolina coast, a world populated by working-class islanders who call themselves “pogues” (as in pogies, a bottom-of-the-food-chain fish) and the privileged local rich kids the pogues call “kooks.” The show is shot as though it takes place in a perpetual golden hour, and involves some of the usual soap-opera tropes: buried treasure, absentee parents, emotionally fraught friendcest. Everyone is so good-looking you reckon they’d all be better off gunning for virality on TikTok than hunting for shipwrecked gold at the bottom of the Atlantic.

In it, Starkey plays Rafe Cameron, the violently unstable “kook” older brother of Sarah Cameron (played by Madelyn Cline, who parlayed her breakthrough here into a role also opposite Daniel Craig in Netflix’s Knives Out sequel Glass Onion) and one of the show’s primary antagonists. Over three seasons, Rafe transforms from a smug, preppy menace—the type of guy who likes American Psycho for all the wrong reasons—into a rip-roaring, action-movie-type villain. (The character also undergoes a notable hair transformation in season three, ditching a floppy middle part for the hot-guy buzz cut the actor is currently sporting IRL. According to PopSugar, this haircut in itself made Rafe “decidedly harder to root against.”) He is one of the more emotionally complicated characters in the series, and Starkey makes him a draw.

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Date: MondayMar 04

Prada Show at Milan Fashion Week

Catching up with post updates on here, Drew attended the Milan Fashion Week last January for the Prada Fall/Winter 2024 Menswear show. He also went to the private dinner held after the fashion show. Visit our gallery for photos of Drew at the event!

Date: SaturdayNov 04

Gallery Update: ‘The Other Zoey’ Screencaps

Drew is celebrating is 30th birthday today, and we would like to wish him a very happy birthday! Have an amazing day with your friends and family. You have a big year ahead of you and we are very excited and always here to support you!

As some sort of celebration, I have updated the gallery with over 1,200 high-resolution screencaps of Drew as Zach MacLaren in The Other Zoey! If you haven’t watched it yet, you’re missing out!

Date: WednesdaySep 20

‘The Other Zoey’ Official Trailer

The official trailer of The Other Zoey is finally out! The movie will be released in US theaters on October 20th, and on demand on November 10th. Check out the trailer below, and some screencaps and production stills in our gallery!

Date: WednesdayJun 21

Grand Opening of Drew Starkey Nation!

Hello and welcome to Drew Starkey Nation, your first fansite dedicated to the talented Drew Starkey. He is best known for his role as Rafe Cameron in the Netflix hit show, Outer Banks. You may also know him for his roles from several films such as Love, SimonMine 9, and the Hellraiser reboot.

I have been a big fan of Drew and have been working on this site for the past few months, so I’m very excited to have it finally open! Huge thanks to my friend Emily for all the support and the help with building this site! The photo gallery currently holds over 11,000 images, varying from red carpet events, photo sessions, movie & television projects, and it’s not even complete yet. I have a lot more to work on and add, so make sure you visit the site often. I have also set up career pages wherein you can find more details about each of Drew’s projects. More will be added as I continue to fill up the gallery.

You can follow us on Twitter at @drewstarkeycom, on Instagram at @drewstarkeypics, and on Tumblr at drewstarkeynation for more goodies! I hope you enjoy the site and come visit again!

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